Technology and Competitive Intelligence in Wireless Charging

Enterprises are at a perennial risk of making incorrect assumptions about the direction and speed at which technology or industry evolves, as well as its competitive and market dynamics. It would be great for decision makers to have a tool that would factor in the various variables, and provide the right answer in this regard. To address this need, we have introduced a new module in Relecura that makes it easier to predict technology growth and trends based on patent and non-patent data. To outline how the module works, we have released this report, that walks through a case study. The steps used to analyze wireless charging are generic, and could be applied to other technologies as well.

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FinTech - An IP perspective

Given the buzz around the FinTech space, we have done a study of the sector from an IP perspective. The FinTech patents are categorized in a couple of different ways; based on the financial products or services they address (Financial categories) as well as the enabling technologies employed (Technology categories). The report provides a patent landscape of the Fintech domain. In addition patent assignments are analyzed to determine transaction trends, thus identifying key companies buying and selling patents. For some of the key transacted companies, details of funding raised or M&A information are provided.

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