Company Profile

Relecura offers an analytics platform for technology developers, inventors, IP professionals and corporate leaders to make better decisions. The platform is used to extract insights and provide analytics from large datasets of patent documents and repositories of science and technology information.

Highlights of the current platform

We derive the essence of the problems and solutions addressed in the patent databases, and make them accessible to the research and development community to help them solve issues they encounter in the course of creating new products and services.

The search and analytics platform covers a global database of patents, and offers unique features for IP analysts to search, analyze, and collaborate on their work.

The platform goes beyond mere keyword search. The concepts, invention ideas, and solutions extracted from the patent documents are connected in a semantically meaningful way to enable enhanced search and exploration of the patent databases and other repositories.

The analysis tool on patent transactions helps IP commercialization by identifying patent transaction trends, as well as buyers and sellers in various domains.

The analytics tool provides competitive, business and technology intelligence insights derived from patent and non-patent literature - to help making better strategic business decisions.

We support our customers through our mobile, web, and API platforms.

Vision and roadmap

We intend to build out Relecura into a comprehensive invention discovery platform providing support to the various practitioners and decision makers involved in the creation of novel products and services.

The analytics engine will be enhanced to extract deeper connections within both patent and non-patent data. These analytics will also draw on multiple datasets beyond patent documents and non-patent literature, to include business, legal, and other data impacting a business.

Cognitive modules will be incorporated into the platform to deliver predictive analytics related to product trends, technology forecasting and paths for new product development.

The API functionality will be expanded, enabling third party application development using the various APIs and modules provided by the Relecura platform. Relecura users may thus develop applications tailored to their needs or deliver customized apps for their customers.

The platform will continue to span both the mobile and the web in an integrated manner. Relecura will provide intelligent and intuitive features on hand-held devices to enable workflows for inventors that make sense in a mobile context.