Our Team

Relecura has a talented team of individuals with complementary experience and skills in business and technology in the areas we operate in.

Start-up experience Every member of the Management Team has worked hands-on in jumpstarting and scaling the variety of functions that go to build a successful business. This cumulative business experience is across diverse domains and especially strong in the areas of our current focus.

New products and business scaling Prior to working at Relecura, various members of our team have designed new and innovative products and solutions; developed, launched, and scaled these; along with the necessary business functions to put the ventures on the path of sustainable growth.

Team background On the technology front, our team have experts in the diverse areas of information retrieval, machine learning, natural language processing, stochastic processes. The members of the team have strong academic backgrounds with degrees from some of the best educational institutions in India and the US, along with experience in working at various research centers in India and the US.

Management Team

George Koomullil

Founder & CEO

George holds a PhD from Mississippi State University. He has experience in research, technology development, and technology entrepreneurship. He has worked at major research centers including Duke University and NASA Ames Research Center and in the industry at Cadence Design Systems, RF Micro Devices and NXP Semiconductors. He was part of three technology startups in the Bay area before founding Relecura.

Murari Venkataraman

Director, Technology

Murari holds a PhD from The University of Texas, Austin. His primary experience comes from working at different start-ups, helping to create and build-out digital media, services, and applications for the Internet/mobile. He also has some experience in business consulting, engineering & manufacturing, and research & development.

Razak K M

Director, Engineering

Razak holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Mysore. He has rich experience in building software products, platforms and applications for the web, desktop, mobile and the cloud. He has built, managed, and grown high performance teams working on technologically challenging software products.

Sheena Mathew

Director, Customer Success

Sheena holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from San Jose State University, CA. She has worked at Applied Materials, on the implementation of software quality control standards within various divisions. She also has experience in managing human resources, and building customer and vendor relationships.