Generation and Analysis of Patentable Ideas

Capture patentable ideas.

Relecura has a semantic search engine where users can upload an invention disclosure or a research article, to retrieve relevant patent documents in the topic.

Generate patentable ideas through greater IP awareness.

Relecura can be deployed organization-wide to improve IP wareness, and provide an impetus to the generation of novel patentable ideas.

Jumpstart comprehensive prior-art search

Relecura has features to identify representative seed documents, key phrases, and classification codes relevant to an article or search criteria to help with prior-art searches.

Technology Landscaping and Competitive Analysis

Create the IP landscape of a technology or organization.

Relecura has many unique features to identify sub-technologies, the players in the area, technology focus of various players, and compare the portfolios of different organizations. One can thus keep abreast of the developments in domains of interest in terms of emerging trends, emerging players, patenting activity of competitors and more..

Analyze technology gaps and IP strategy

Relecura provides features to gather and compare IP intelligence using curated technology topics and comparative topic maps, and track the IP strategy of competitors on the generation, acquisition and commercialization of IP assets.

Portfolio Management

Bucket a patent portfolio

The bucketing feature available in Relecura helps in creating logical lots of patents from a portfolio, with a view to making them more viable for commercialization. These lots may be easily reconstituted based on market requirements, either manually or algorithmically.

Tag documents with relevant annotations

Relecura allows user-defined tags to keep patents annotated with relevant information including licensees of the patents and relevant sub-technologies. The tagged documents can be analyzed and graphed, thus providing snapshots to easily manage portfolios.

Technology Transfer

Track patent transactions

Integrated seamless search within patent and assignment databases helps identify IP commercialization activities in a technology area of interest. In addition, the feature can be used to identify the areas in which a given organization has commercialized patents.

Share patent lots with potential licenses

Relecura allows sharing of a list of patents with bundled analytics with non-subscribers of Relecura through a link. This will allow tech transfer offices to publish different patent lots available for licensing on their website or share the link with potential licenses.