Relecura IP Analysis Platform

Patent analysis, IP intelligence, portfolio management and technology transfer

Relecura Web - Patent search and analysis tool

  • Global patent coverage with translated and full-text data.
  • Rich curated data with high impact visualization and analytics.
  • Integrated patent and assignment search for IP commercialization.
  • Enterprise version to search internal, unpublished, patent documents.
  • Share patent portfolios along with Relecura analytics.
  • Auto-bucket patent portfolios with pre-defined criteria.
  • Customizable dashboards that can be shared with anyone.

Relecura Mobile App – Free patent search tool

  • Global patent coverage for patent search and analysis on the go.
  • Extensive array of graphing and visualization features.
  • Two-way integration with Relecura web to save and visualize.
  • Search, analyze, save and export global patent data for free.
  • Search using keywords, company names and publication numbers.
  • Support for iOS and Android devices.

Relecura API – Develop in-house IP tools

  • Access to clean patent data, value-added meta-data and analytics.
  • Create custom tools for IP and business intelligence.
  • Incorporate IP-related functionality with existing enterprise software.
  • Develop web, mobile and embedded applications.
  • Configurable modules for data and Relecura analytics.

IP Intelligence Reports

We provide reports on various areas of interest to the general IP industry. Some of these reports can be downloaded free of charge, from the resources section of our website. We generate custom reports on sectors, portfolios, and organizations based on specific requirements.